- number of antennas, number of mutually uncorrelated wideband jammers – up to 8;
- current GNSS signals – GPS L1;
- GNSS signals in progress – GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo;
- flexible CRPA geometry, receiver moving scenario and jammers powers and locations.

The NUT8SIM-OTA is a solution for GNSS CRPA Over-the-Air (OTA) testing. The NUT8SIM-OTA is a set of hardware and software capable to emulate any complex GNSS signals and jammers scenarios as well as antenna array geometry and receiver moving profile.

The NUT8SIM-OTA provides customer with low-cost and fast way to evaluate GNSS Anti-Jamming applications.

GNSS receiving and jammer transmitting parameters are setting by JSON form. After setting of signal and jammers antennas to needed locations the radiation can be turned on. The antenna set could be installed in anechoic chamber or in the field. In field installation all eight antennas can radiate uncorrelated wideband jammers, and original GNSS signals should be received form the real space vehicles. In the chamber installation one or several antennas could be set for GNSS signals radiation, and other antennas could be set for jammers.

The waveform mode is supported. The samples streams could also be downloaded from the device as files. These files could be used for you computational simulations. This feature could be tested online in AMUNGO-CLOUD. Free limited access to the Amungo-cloud is open for everyone by simple e-mail registration.

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